North Caldwell  Tiger Scout Page

The North Caldwell Tiger Pack #1 visited the North Caldwell Fire Department and Police Department on March 7th, 1999. We were taken 'behind the scenes' and learned all about how these important town services are run. First stop on the tour was the Fire Department where the boys tried on the fire coats and were shown and told about the fire and safety equipment. We were even taken for a ride on a fire engine (Dads were 'required' to ride along to keep the kids under control!!) Second stop was the Police Department, and no sooner did the tour start than the kids got into a little 'trouble' and were put in jail...their crime?...they asked too many questions!!! If you have never seen 8 Tiger scouts in a 8x10 foot jail cell, screaming their heads off (and asking for a lawyer!) then just take a look at the last picture on this page. Unconfirmed sources have said that this cell can be rented out for those more 'spirited' children. Bail was posted and the tour continued with explanations of the communications equipment and emergency procedures and we even got a peek into the gun closet. What Police Department tour would be complete without trying on the handcuffs and sitting in a police car and playing with the lights and siren!

Thanks to the North Caldwell Fire and Police Departments for taking time to give us a great tour!!

A special thank you to the neighbors on Gould Ave. that had to put up with each child taking a turn with the large noise maker (Police car with siren.) They are either very understanding or wear good earplugs!

Thanks also to our Tiger pack leaders Walt Bechtler and Glenn Flanagan for organizing the day!

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